Aral Sea Tour in Uzbekistan

Aral Sea Tour, Uzbekistan

The Aral Sea was once the fourth-largest lake in the world. For thousands of years, people have lived in the Aral Sea basin, which served as an oasis on the Silk Road, the trading route that linked China to Europe. However, since the 1960s it has been shrinking due to environmental changes caused by humans.

The tour to the Aral Sea doesn’t require being physically prepared. But you need much of energy to discover the Sea as the distances are quite long. Take your 2 Days adventure tour to the Aral Sea with us!

Aral Sea Tour duration: 2 days/1 night
Tour date: Flexible
Tour type: Private
Aral Sea Tour itinerary: Nukus⇒Kurgancha Kala⇒Muynak⇒Aral Sea-Sudochie Lake⇒Barsa Kelmes⇒Gyaur Kala⇒Mizdakhan Necropolis⇒Nukus

Aral Sea Tour details:

Day 1: Nukus — Kurgancha Kala — Muynak — Aral Sea Yurt Camp

09:00 Start your Aral Sea tour. Drive to Muynak through Kurgancha Kala. (If you are arriving by an early morning flight the tour can be started earlier. Airport pick up is free of charge)
12:00 Arrive in Muynak. Lunch in a local cafe. Visit Muynak Museum and Cemetery of ships.
14:00 Drive to the shores of the Aral Sea.
17:00 Arrive in the Yurt Camp located at the shores of the Aral Sea. Hiking, trekking along the shore of the Aral Sea. Trekking the Great Ustyurt Canyons.
Dinner in the Yurt Camp. Overnight in the Yurt Camp.

Day 2: Aral Sea — Sudochie Lake — Barsa Kelmes — Barsa Kelmes — Gyaur Kala — Mizdakhan Nicropolis — Nukus

Breakfast in the Yurt Camp.
09:00 Drive to Sudochie Lake.
12:00 Arrive in Sudochie Lake. View the Soduchie lake from the lighthouse. The recession of the Aral Sea has left several lakes behind its new shores. Soduchie lake is one of the largest. (We recommend you taking lunch-boxes with you)
13:00 Drive to Nukus through Barsa Kelmes, Gyaur Kala and Mizdakhan Nicropolis.
17:30 Arrive in Nukus. End of the tour.

Uzbekistan Aral Sea Tour price for 2019-2020


Aral Sea Tour Map

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